7pm - September 15th, 2018

Join us at 7pm in Town Square Park, Sat. Sept 15th.

Gather with fellow pirates as we converge on downtown Anchorage for our Annual Anchorage Pirate Pub Crawl.  Start with a group photo, then get your map for the evening and start gathering your stamps to win 80,000 Alaska Airline miles.

This event is free to participate. Start at any of the participating pubs at anytime between 7pm and midnight. 

To participate, pick up a MAP at the first pub you visit. 

  • Get a stamp.
  • Participate in an activity or enjoy the entertainment.
  • Buy an official APPC T-shirt. 
  • Put a donation into the Blood Bank of Alaska box.
  • Move on to the next pub. 
  • Be safe and have a good time!
  • Repeat, yah scurvy dog

Proceeds to Benefit the Blood Bank of Alaska

It's great to get your Pirate on, but if you join our crew you'll have a hand in generating funds for the blood takers at the Blood Bank of Alaska. Buy t-shirts, donate money (not blood) at your favorite bar, and participate in their specials and activities. The bar that raises the most money wins the Anchorage Pirate Flag and bragging rights for the year.

To date, we've raised over $100,000 for the Blood Bank of Alaska, and with your help, we'll grow this number, save lives and sail on to brighter horizons.

Bars are signing up now for 2018

Planning for the best pub crawl yet!!!

Booty, Glory and Fame

Limited Edition - Official Pub Crawl Shirt

Buy a shirt and all the proceeds go to the Blood Bank of Alaska. 

Shirts available at every participating pub.

Limited quantities so get them early if you find your size.

Trivago.com and Huffington Post Article

We're famous!

Read the article published by Trivago.com and picked up by the Huffington Post about the most unforgettable pub crawls in the US.

Pirate FAQs

  • Free to participate.
  • 7pm Town Square Park: we gather for photo, costume showing off, piratical fun.
  • OR start at any of the participating pubs between 7pm and midnight.
  • Get a map at any pub.
  • Get one stamp at each pub 
  • When complete, turn it in at the last pub you were stamped at to be entered into a drawing for 80,000 Alaska Airline Miles.

Contact Us

Join us downtown at Town Square Park in Anchorage

Anchorage Pirate Pub Crawl Kick-Off & Photo

544 W 5th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, United States

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